La Société
  • Early 30's :  Mr and Ms SAPON launched the initial manufacture and knitting workshop.
  • 1946 -1952 :  Manufacturing starts again after a stop due to the second world war.
  • 1952 -1995 :  Exponential growth of the business
Opening of a wholesale shop in Paris, located « Passage du Caire » that will soon become the heart of the Paris textile community for decades to come. 
Over that period, the SAPON wholesale center grows from a few square meters to more than a thousand.
Customers diversification : Sapon is now selling to Central Purchasing companies, Hypermarkets, and 25 % of its revenues are realized through exports markets.
New departments are launched : Men wear, Women wear, Big Sizes, Cocktail and Sportswear. 
  • 1995: the SAPON company is incorporated into an S.A., french "Société Anonyme".
  • 2000 : Launch of a commercial Web site.